Our coffee is specially concocted from Columbian Arabica coffee beans, which are premium coffee beans rich in flavour and body, imported directly from Colombia. The Colombian Arabica coffee beans are blended with Robusta coffee beans from Indonesia to create an alluring aroma and mesmerizing taste. Our coffee beans are then roasted with a special recipe, in traditional Hainanese style.

Our tea is made from specially selected top quality tea dust from Sri Lanka, which we have consistently been using since the humble beginnings of our shop. Of course, good coffee beans and tea dust is not sufficient. It takes skillful brewers to make extraordinary cups of coffee and tea!

Our soft-boiled eggs are generally smaller, fresher and tastier, while having a slightly bigger egg yolk. The eggs are served half-boiled in very hot egg bowls, and you are given the pleasure of cracking the eggs open on your own in a sauce dish. This is to ensure that the eggs are at their warmest when served. You can choose to dip your bread toast in the eggs, or have them with some pepper and soy sauce, all in the old traditional style.
One may wonder what is so special about our Killiney bread toast.
A bread toast needs the combination of three main ingredients: the bread, kaya and butter. Our preferred usage of kaya is a coconut jam freshly produced daily in our shop, and for the butter, we specifically choose only the best butter. In addition, our bread weighs heavier than the ones you find in the market. This is because they are custom-made from our bakery.
Besides using top quality ingredients, we need to toast the bread carefully. Timing is essential in making delicious bread toast; the ideal bread toast has to be crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. When you take a bite out of our mouth-watering bread toast, the butter will slowly ooze out, as the heat from the freshly toasted bread gently melts it. What a heavenly treat!
Do you know what French toast is? French toast is a common delicacy though its origins remain unknown. Usually, the bread is fried till golden brown and served with streaks of bacon. French toast is one of our shop’s specialties; it is prepared entirely different from the ones you would find in restaurants.
The colour of the bread is plain yellow, as the bread toast has been dipped into beaten eggs before being toasted meticulously, which is our preferred healthier cooking method. In comparison to the normal bread toast, it is more difficult to prepare the perfect French toast. The knowledge of the exact timing for the outer layer of eggs to cook and be gradually absorbed into the succulent bread to give it more flavour are based on experience and first-rate judgment.
The French toast is not served spread with kaya and butter; you are given liberty to choose just the right amount you want.

Mee Siam
A delicate and wonderful combination of sweet and tangy broth in a bowl of smooth rice noodles cooked to perfect consistency, that is the Killiney mee siam. The broth is both tasty and light, it gives our mee siam the tantalizing flavour. Served with a hearty whole boiled egg, and spicy sambal for that extra flavour, no breakfast is quite like a bowl of hot mee siam. The garnishing of fried tofu, chives and a slice of lime, all adds to the myriad of different tastes that combine in harmony for that perfect flavour.


Laksa is the quintessential coffee shop dish that one would find in Singapore. Our laksa is a rare and secret blend of spices and exotic ingredients to create a thick broth that holds a
special place in the hearts of our loyal customers. Subtle fragrances of candlenut, sour
tamarind, garlic and coconut milk, to form a special kind of gravy that explodes with a hundred different flavours simultaneously. Served with or without a fiery dose of sambal belachan, it is a cult favourite among all whom have tried – a sure hit among the young and the old.

Curry Chicken
Nowadays, it is not easy to find places that serve curry chicken with French Loaf. At Killiney, we maintain this tradition as we understand the joy of dipping the toasted French Loaf into the hot, succulent Curry Chicken made from the good old Killiney recipe.

So visit us today at any of our outlets, and you will be dazzled by our array of scrumptious dishes.